Direct Charity

A way of helping humanitarian causes with financial assistance through Shehadeepam. The  donations can be as One time donations,  Donation to a particular sector or a Project support . The fund can be made available for miscellaneous needs of the society as well.  The donor can also have options to give standing instruction to their bank to transfer payment on monthly basis , which may reduce transaction documentations.

Donate for Dialysis

This is a help for financially weak dialysis patients who are undergoing dialysis two or three times a week. The complete package includes the hospital’s dialysis charge, the cost of consumables, the patients by stander fare, if any.

For One Patient

Donate to Education

This comes under the ‘Sponsor a Child” program of the society. In this program every donor gets the opportunity to support a child, especially in the northern and central parts of India, where they are really poor and the number of malnutrition cases is higher than other parts of the country. The recommended fund is one-year support for children’s food and education. For children up to high school level, we can support with the funds that we recommend.

For One Child Per Year

Donate to Marriage

A way to support the marriage of our poor and financially destitute daughters in Kerala.

It has two packages;
A. The first package is support for the bride’s wedding dress (10,000 INR each)

Donate for Dress

B. The second package, a Kerala culture of “donate a sovereign” is 8 grams of gold, with its making charges of around 50,000 INR, at current international gold rates.

Donate for Gold

Donate for a Home

– Thousands of families still want a comfortable home to sleep in . Snehadeepam encourages the rich to support a poor family. Whenever
you build a big house, remember your Christian love and help a poor family build a small house.
It has two recommendations;

A. Sponsor a room; When a poor family builds a house, the donor will have the opportunity to support a room of 300-350 square feet. The recommended
amount is 60,000.

Sponsor A Room

B. Sponsor a home; Snehadeepam recommends a 300-350 sq ft home with an approximate estimate of 500,000 INR. The land will be the responsibility of the dealer.

Donate for Home

POOR FUND (General Donation)

Support to Snehadeepam for its daily operations , General support to the applications of poor and needy. Donor may get a chance to donate irrespective of particular sector or project . In this donation method we have two options .

(OTDP) One Time Donation Plan

Any amount as per the donor’s interest

(MDP) Monthly Donation Plan.

With this plan the donor have to submit the attached application to their respective bank to transfer the approved amount on monthly basis.

How we work

The donations may  raised through various methods give a beacon of love to the needy people across  India, irrespective of cast , creed, Gender as a helping hand in their life crisis. Our office at Karukutty, will collect office through ONLINE or hard copy by post. The board of directors of the society examines the applications received from various sectors through evaluation procedures approved by the society directions and make a list of the most deserving cases and deposits the possible fund directly into their accounts.


Why us 

-Our Mission deeply rooted in the Gospel of St. Mathew :When you did this to one o my humblest brothers , you did it to me. 

We are non -profit oriented organization catering to the needs of the deserving Communities.

We are a Charitable society registered under the Government of Kerala 

Income tax exemptions is available for the donations

Strictly transparent evaluation procedure in collaboration with the Snehadeepam area Volunteers, Civil administration team and religious leaders.


Snebadeepam Charitable Society
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